Other medieval and historical sites that might be of interest:

University of Birmingham – The EMREM Forum is Birmingham’s resident Early Modern and Medieval research forum. They run bi-weekly research meetings and an excellent annual symposium. – The Estoria project is an AHRC-funded research project at the university, involved in all kinds of technical wizardry as well as medieval history. – Blog of Dr Miriam Muller where she discusses her research into medieval rural communities.

Academic – the blog of Dr Laura Varnam, a medievalist at University College, Oxford. – The Quadrivium Project offers an annual skills conference for postgraduate students and early career researchers focussing on medieval textual studies but bracing out into employability and skills training in all areas. Birmingham hosted this exciting event in 2014. – This is the blog for Dr Katie Stevenson’s exciting project on Stewart genealogy. A must-read for anyone interested in royal authority and medieval propaganda. – the BL’s own medieval manuscript blog. Make sure you check out Knight vs Snail! – THE site to visit for medieval celtic studies. – Shakespeare’s world in a hundred object, run in part by Birmingham’s own lovely Stephanie Appleton! 

Medieval Interest (no quite work, but doesn’t quite count as procrastinating) – Come along and explore the medieval midlands! – A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe – research, discussion and general interest – does what it says on the tin! – so does this one. – Bristol PhD Student Bex Lyons shares the medieval love, with everything from news, reviews and inspirational PhD pep-talks on her blog. – Anglo-Saxonists will love this fun & informative blog. Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog. For the medieval feminist in all of us (you know she’s in there). General historical interest from around Britain.

Procrastination tools that seem like work

Medieval Beasts that Just Can’t Even

Twenty Weird Pieces of Marginalia

Marginalia that look like emoticons

Why Medieval Life was Better than Modern Life

Further Medieval Blogs from all around the net  – General medieval studies chat – Middle English japes aplenty – More sassy medievalist feminism for you! – Medieval material culture – Medieval landscapes – Medieval history – History of mental illness – C10th interest medieval tidbits – general medieval interest – Old and Middle French and English – Crusades, etc.


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