CeSMA Research Seminar 2015-16

Tuesdays at 5.15pm in Room 104, Arts Building


Autumn Term



Week 2: Tuesday 6th October
Naomi Standen (Birmingham)
‘Not just a European phenomenon? Globalising the ‘Middle Ages’’


Week 4: Thursday 22nd October
Albrecht Classen (Arizona)
‘Ecocritical Approaches in Medieval Studies: The Forest as a Symbolic Space’


Week 7: Tuesday 10th November
Birmingham Postgraduates Panel

Ian Styler: ‘The Multi-Faceted Persona of Saint Æthelthryth of Ely: How the Portrayal of the Saint Reflected the Fortunes of the Shrine’

Tom Rochester: ‘Names, Anonymity and Omission: Sources for Miracles in the Two Lives of St. Cuthbert’


Week 9:  Tuesday 24th November
Josefine Frank (Birmingham)
‘Unravelling the Story Behind the Birmingham Qur’an’




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