*NEWS* New Medieval Literatures Journal Moves to Boydell and Brewer & JSTOR *NEWS*

News: New Medieval Literatures (edited in part by CeSMA’s own Wendy Scase) is moving to Boydell & Brewer and JSTOR. Submissions just opened for NML 17: contact the editors http://www.english.ox.ac.uk/node/623.

New Medieval Literatures

New Medieval LiteraturesNew Medieval Literatures is an annual of work on medieval textual cultures. Its scope is inclusive of work across the theoretical, archival, philological, and historicist methodologies associated with medieval literary studies. The title announces an interest both in new writing about medieval culture and in new academic writing. As well as featuring challenging new articles, each issue includes an analytical survey by a leading international medievalist of recent work in an emerging or dominant critical discourse. The editors aim to engage with intellectual and cultural pluralism in the Middle Ages and now. Within this generous brief, they recognize only two criteria: excellence and originality.
Submission Guidelines                                  Volume Contents
Editors: Prof. David Lawton, Washington University, St Louis
             Prof. Wendy Scase, University of Birmingham
             Dr Laura Ashe, University of Oxford

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