Georgie Fitzgibbon’s IMC Experience

Leeds IMC 2015

I am a MA Medieval Studies student at the University of Birmingham, and this year CeSMA funded my attendance at the IMC. I travelled up to Leeds with Ruth (Hi Ruth and yay for the Megabus), and managed to catch up with a lot of Birmingham students – the medievalist disco was especially fun! The book and craft fairs (complete with falconry, weapon demonstrations and cake) gave the campus a great atmosphere. The scale of the IMC provides lots of opportunities to network. It was great to meet other Midlands3Cities students, and Emma, who runs the Medieval Midlands site.

In addition to fascinating papers on relic labels, the distillation of hagiography into liturgy and the production of gospel books, I was able to play tourist and hear about medieval board games! Though I arrived at the IMC armed with an annotated programme, the scope of the IMC and the range of panels meant that I found myself attending sessions more removed from my research interests that caught my eye or were suggested by new acquaintances.

I will start my PhD at UoB in September (on Cistercian Monasticism and the Cult of Saint’s Relics c1100-c1250) and was excited to attend the series of panels sponsored by Citeaux Commentarii Cistercienses. The interdisiplinarity of these panels was impressive, ranging from close-reading of texts such as Exempla to archaeology and material culture.

helmetWe finished our week with a trip to the Royal Armouries (a museum I would definitely recommend); below is a picture of the best helmet!

I am so grateful to CeSMA for helping me to attend the IMC, hopefully I’ll present one year soon!


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